ELITE 2022 Launch Expert Katie Baldwin of Pfizer

Katie Baldwin

Director, Consumer Marketing U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine


A Historically Important Launch

Katie Baldwin is a U.S. consumer marketing lead of one of the most historical efforts that the industry has taken on—the Pfizer U.S. COVID-19 vaccine—which had monumental public health need in the U.S. and beyond. As anyone who has been paying attention knows, the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine poses a unique marketing challenge, in that many consumers have had experience with the product—“The Pfizer vaccine” before it was even a brand.

Katie’s focus is developing consumer strategy, partnerships, and advertising under the Pfizer unbranded umbrella. Her efforts included the first national TV advertising campaign for COVID-19 vaccination, called “Pursuit of Normal,” which draws the connection between Pfizer’s role in the pandemic and enabling people to return to more normal lives with the help of vaccinations. She also worked on a NYC local campaign called “Don’t miss your shot” in partnership with the Nets NBA team and player Bruce Brown.

Speaking of NYC, Katie led a Times Square takeover campaign during New Year’s to blast messaging to remind people to get their booster shots as part of their 2022 resolutions. In addition, Katie runs an ongoing pulse of social media advertising with the goal of increasing COVID-19 vaccination and boosting.

Katie joined Pfizer as the first consumer marketer on the growing commercial team in May 2021 after more than 15 years in the advertising agency world. In her last agency role, Katie oversaw the consumer health group at Wunderman Thompson Health New York, which included brand-new drug and campaign launches from brands such as antiviral drug XofluzaSpravato, and more.

Katie’s experience with Pfizer started on the agency side where she was the agency lead for Lyrica for five years with increasing responsibility across fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy indications, including supporting the “Step on Up” campaign to drive diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy among the Black community. She was also the agency lead who oversaw the unbranded digital/social campaign “Baby Checkups Count” to drive parents into their well baby appointments to encourage greater compliance with the childhood vaccine series.


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