ELITE 2022 Entrepreneur Jassi Chadha of Axtria Inc.

Jassi Chadha

President & CEO

Axtria Inc.

A Vision to Improve Commercial Operations

Jaswinder (Jassi) Chadha had a vision. He believed there was an enormous opportunity within the life sciences to improve operational efficiency, product sales, and most importantly, healthcare outcomes for patients. These opportunities, specifically the vision to improve commercial operations, are what he founded Axtria on in 2010.

Under Jassi’s leadership, Axtria has enabled, for the first time, life sciences companies to convert massive amounts of raw data into insights in minutes instead of months. The company’s offerings span three different capabilities, including a full business consulting suite, cloud technology, and advanced analytics—all enabled by platforms built explicitly for the life sciences industry.

One of Jassi’s top goals is to replace all archaic technology and disparate systems across life sciences companies with standardized platforms for commercial data, analytics, and operations. Marketing automation and CRM platforms standardized how marketing and sales teams engage with customers, but there is no standardization in how commercial data, analytics, and operations are run. Jassi intends to change this through Axtria’s robust suite of AI-powered platforms.

The company’s platforms include: Axtria InsightsMAx (allows for the collaborative development of analytics and facilitates interactive decision-making across diverse personas within the business); Axtria SalesIQ (sales planning and operations solution that empowers reps to make better decisions); Axtria CustomerIQ (a next-best-action-driven customer engagement solution that formulates effective omnichannel interactions across life sciences customers); and Axtria DataMAx (facilitates the rapid integration of all major structured and unstructured life sciences data sources securely, accurately, and with industry compliance).

The result is a future-ready outlook with improved sales and marketing effectiveness via data-driven decision-making, an increase in efficiency, and organization agility. Jassi has transformed product commercialization, making Axtria a top choice for life sciences companies.

In addition, Jassi is a generous philanthropist. Annually, he gives to disadvantaged students from all backgrounds. He supports multiple organizations, including future entrepreneurs, that provide educational resources and mentorship, as he genuinely believes these two areas can transform society for the better.


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