ELITE 2022 Entrepreneur Jennifer Byrne of Javara

Jennifer Byrne

Founder and CEO


Reimagining the Future of Clinical Research

The clinical research industry is in jeopardy. In America, the number of active clinical trials is at a historical high, however, there are not enough patient participants or physician researchers to manage the growing demand. Identifying a crucial need, Jennifer Byrne founded Javara in 2018.

As the first Integrated Research Organization (IRO), Javara provides clinical research access for patients at the point of care by embedding staff and infrastructure into large healthcare organizations, resulting in greater access to cutting-edge innovations and increased engagement by physician researchers, all while expediting FDA approval through reliable, robust data. Today, Javara reaches more than five million patients and 5,800 practitioners across numerous strategic healthcare partners spanning several states.

Jennifer was part of the team who wrote the original white paper on Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO), leading to an industry-wide movement to connect patients to clinical trials as part of their healthcare continuum. As pioneers of CRAACO, Javara makes clinical research a healthcare option for more patients, expanding access to innovative choices that might otherwise be unavailable.

Over 40% of physician investigators leave traditional clinical research after a single trial while Javara has a 98% retention rate. This is largely due to the support embedded within the IRO model. By providing 360° training and support for new physician researchers, Javara is building the next generation of highly motivated physician researchers to help address the national shortage.

A passionate advocate for greater diversity in clinical research, Jennifer leads Javara to ensure communities are strategically selected to address access barriers while establishing trust with underrepresented minority (URM) patients. She also focuses on engaging URM physicians as investigators to provide them advanced opportunities to participate in clinical research. By prioritizing these relationships, Javara reaches more diverse patient populations with 20% of patients enrolled being URM.

Jennifer also serves as co-chair for the Racial Equity Task Force for Research at Wake Forest Baptist Health and is the Founder and Board Chair for clinical research non-profit The Greater Gift. Over the years, Jennifer has led teams that have contributed to over 8,000 clinical trials; most recent of which involved COVID-19 vaccine trials with Javara.


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