ELITE 2022 Disrupter Noël Moossa of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, U.S.A., Inc.

Noël Moossa

Associate Director, OCE Paid Media

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, U.S.A., Inc.

At the Forefront of Media Firsts

Paid media is a notoriously difficult outlet to lead in such a highly regulated space as pharma. But Takeda has consistently been at the forefront of many media firsts including HCP-targeted Twitter ads, Facebook In-stream, Snapchat, Amazon music, and many more, because of the leadership of Noël Moossa, MS, MBA.

Takeda empowers leaders like Noël to push boundaries and explore the ever-evolving possibilities in the digital world. In his 2021 Media Days events, Noël and a team of cross-agency partners invited industry leaders in paid media to showcase fresh thinking on platforms and opportunities in digital media that continue to encourage Takeda team members to push boundaries and disrupt this highly regulated space.

Noël has helped his team grow Takeda into a digital-first company. Together, they developed the Digital Catalyst Committee, a group of cross-functional experts that enable all of Takeda’s brands and agency partners to share best practices, stay ahead of the changing digital landscape, and collaborate in finding a compliant path forward in executing innovative marketing and media tactics that help educate patients and physicians.

Takeda’s belief in championing collaboration with regulatory teams has led to Noël approaching new platforms and channels with curiosity and tenacity. Heavy regulation can mean reduced efficiencies—but Noël and his team advocate for driving efficiency by rethinking the status quo and balancing speed to market with compliance safety. This includes developing approaches to include Black Box drugs in a space that may seem unreachable with current regulations, and spearheading a cross-functional, cross-agency dynamic content optimization taskforce that identified a path forward for implementing dynamic content in partnership with Legal, Medical, and Regulatory partners. They consistently align with Takeda’s PTRB approach—Patient, Trust, Reputation, and Business—working closely with regulatory partners to push boundaries while remaining compliant.


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