ELITE 2022 Digital Crusader Jessica Sagoskin of FINN Partners

Jessica Sagoskin

Associate Partner, Digital Communications

FINN Partners

The Social Media Strategist

“Digital teams can’t just push out information to key audiences. They have to actively listen, learn, and engage with others to create real value and positively impact people’s lives,” says Goel Jasper, Head of Digital Health Innovation, FINN Partners. “Whether it is via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or other channels, Jessica Sagoskin helps companies create integrated approaches that reach patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, business partners, investors, media, and other key stakeholders.”

In her role at FINN Partners, Jess works closely with traditional media teams to ensure that digital strategies and content not only adhere to strict regulatory guidelines but also encompass social media best practices. And she does so across the globe as she travels between countries and collaborates with several global FINN offices.

For example, to raise awareness of a migraine treatment device she oversaw research and outreach to more than 60 relevant social influencers, including adults with migraine and parents of adolescents with migraine such as Chronically Cheerful, who has a following of over 120,000 on Instagram. Furthermore, her team built and executed a digital strategy to encourage health insurance plans to cover medical migraine treatment devices. This included drafting suggested social media content for physicians, people living with migraine, and parents of adolescents with migraine to spread awareness and help create positive pressure in allowing patients to receive the treatment they need.

Jess and her team also built AION Labs social platforms from scratch, and in less than six months, the LinkedIn page reached over 1,600 followers and the Twitter page reached over 555 followers. She is also capable of expanding reach of existing platforms, helping Eitan Medical achieve 193% growth in followership on LinkedIn and 88% increase in followers on Twitter. And she created a new Social Listening Report, delivered weekly, to inform a client of specific updates relevant to their business and audiences.

“We are grateful to have Jess at the helm of our digital efforts to deliver impactful health campaigns and initiatives that make a real difference the world,” says Ellie Hanson, Partner, FINN Partners.


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