ELITE 2022 Digital Crusader Steve Pruzinsky of Sharecare

Steve Pruzinsky

SVP, Revenue Operations


A Media Ops Master

While Steve Pruzinsky has worked to advance the digital health landscape for 10+ years now, he began his media career tackling sales, product, and operations management for the Brooklyn Nets and several sports media organizations. Despite working in his dream industry, the fulfillment never arrived. So, when the opportunity arose to join the ranks at a major digital health publisher, the moment felt right for Steve to make a change.

He began managing digital ad campaigns for every major pharmaceutical and life sciences brand in the marketplace, finding his passion for delivering the right brand message to the right patient, making a positive impact in the national health landscape. Eventually, he was chosen to the lead the Ad Ops task force focused on improving viewability across the publisher’s owned and operated digital properties, which led to a 114% improvement. He also developed and led the programmatic sales strategy, training the sales team on all programmatic offerings, and grew programmatic business by 44% over three years.

After nearly six years, a new opportunity arose at Sharecare to expand his skill set and take patient communication to new heights. Since taking over as the leader of the programmatic arm of Sharecare’s life sciences division in 2018, business has grown by 52%, programmatic direct buys increased 155% heading into 2022, and the number of brands represented increased by 76%.

As Steve’s success continued, he was chosen to spearhead a redesign of Sharecare’s health content section, with the goal of improving user experience, engagement, and growing organic traffic. Since the launch of the new interface, organic traffic has increased by 10% and user engagement by 5%. And in an industry first, Steve was instrumental in launching Sharecare’s first-to-market digital marketing solution demonstrating how social determinants of health impact disease management. This experiential solution leverages Sharecare Community Well-Being Index data and first-party health data to deliver patients content tailored specifically for them based on personal, environmental, and social factors.

Steve’s exemplary precision, passion, and expertise has always inspired his teams—past and present—to continuously find new ways to leverage digital platforms to transform business operations and improve the digital health landscape.


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