ELITE 2022 Digital Crusader Daniel Gilman of RxVantage

Daniel Gilman

CEO and Co-Founder


A Better Way to Connect with HCPs

Dan Gilman envisions a world where HCPs can connect instantly, effortlessly, and securely to any life sciences resource they need to improve patient care—and he has the solution. He led the development of the RxVantage intelligent digital platform, which makes smarter connections with the right nurse educator, brand specialist, reimbursement specialist, or medical science liaison from more than 900 life science companies. 

The idea for the platform came during his time in the field. After receiving intensive training on new product data, Dan was eager to share this information with HCPs. But when another rep “no-showed” for a previously scheduled in-service it eliminated an opportunity for Dan, or any of his local peers, to meet with a specific group of doctors. He realized that these “no-shows” and other scheduling snafus were both hugely frustrating to HCPs and carried enormous opportunity cost in terms of lost educational interactions. So, he set out to create a better way.

RxVantage transforms how medical practices engage with life sciences resources and expertise across the practice—from treatment options to relevant clinical studies to reimbursement-based information and more. Life sciences experts can efficiently connect and respond to HCP requests and messages through the RxVantage for Reps web and mobile applications. These digital tools and the broader RxVantage Life Sciences Enterprise solution empower life sciences organizations to better support care teams, improve efficiency, and elevate the experience they deliver.

Since the platform’s introduction in 2010, and through many enhancements, RxVantage has facilitated more than five million—and counting—smarter connections and deeper partnerships between HCPs and life sciences experts. The ability to enhance the platform was on full display during the pandemic, when Dan and his team launched RxVantage Virtual Meetings within 30 days of the first COVID shutdown. This enabled practices to quickly switch from in-person to online meetings within the platform. Later, he championed additional innovations such as the platform’s In-Office Policy Builder for practices to efficiently convey their changing safety protocols—from PPE to health screeners to vaccine requirements—facilitating a safe return to in-person meetings.


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