Odysseys with Erin Powers

PM360 asked Erin Powers, VP, Global Marketing & Product Strategy, BVI Medical, about the place she just can’t stop returning to.

My Odyssey: As silly as it sounds, Yogurtland. Self-serve fro-yo, are you kidding me? I can get as much as I want, AND add all of the toppings that I want? My childhood dreams come true every time I walk through those doors. Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, cheesecake, birthday cake—if you can dream it, they can make it—into a delicious fro-yo flavor! There is something for EVERYONE. And as someone who loves eclectic variety, this is the spot for me. And nope—no financial interest here, just a powerful sweet tooth!

My Recommendation: Create the fro-yo sundae of your dreams! Go for it—it’s healthy-ish, and worth the calories. Trust me—and my kids (just see the photo above of Skylar and Summer enjoying fro-yo sundaes made special just for them).


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