Paper Sends Its Warm Regards

Healthcare is becoming increasingly digital, but marketers need to understand that paper is still a crucial mode of communication for a large number of patients who don’t have the internet or struggle with digital platforms. Just consider that a Microsoft study found that 162 million Americans or 50% of the population lack access to broadband services. In rural areas, nearly 25% of the population lack access to this service. And even in areas where broadband is available, approximately 100 million Americans still don’t subscribe for service. Furthermore, digital literacy and proper digital usage is another large hurdle when it comes to chronic disease management.

In the second of a three-series podcast with Adheris Health, EVP – Client Relations Jim Rotsart joins PM360 to explain the power that paper continues to have in a digital world. He breaks down the barriers and limitations that exist for some patients when it comes to using digital, and outlines the advantages that can be gained with direct mail campaigns. In fact, 76% of people trust direct mail and the popularity of mail even grew for younger demographics during the pandemic. Jim also offers ways to pinpoint which patients would benefit most from paper-based campaigns and different strategies for combining paper and digital campaigns.

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And stay tuned for the next installment of our podcast series with Adheris Health, which will focus on the topic: “Health Plans and Life Sciences Working Together to Drive Success.”

Featuring: Jim Rotsart, EVP – Client Relations, Adheris Health

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